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Warning, don’t travel here

I’m returning from a trip with my sisters to The Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle NH. Upon arrival I did not have my requested handicap room. I was told there was an mistake in my booking despite my 3 calls! The front fest did show my other room to try to make it ok, but when I explained the bed height , the climb in shower and the toilet were not usable I got nowhere. I ended up sleeping in a sisters room and had to have her help me for the full stay. Their Handicap rooms were full and I was left to make do. It was mortifying! I ended up covered in bruises from my multiple struggles. Losing balance in the bathroom because of no grab bars and hitting the wall. Using all of my energy trying to complete simple tasks. The 2 breakfast tickets were an insult that we didn’t use. There were 4 of us anyway. This is the 2nd time I have been screwed by them, the first was when they lost my car keys a few years ago on Christmas Day and I sat alone in s hotel room. I need my scooter lift to travel to my family’s house. The rekeying cost 500 dollars that I was never reimbursed for. But family begged me to try again, and this is what I got. Never Again Keep yourself safe and stay in Portsmouth!

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Hi @imetbc, thank you for sharing. We are so sorry to hear about the experience you had. If you are willing, it would be super helpful if you could also leave a review on the hotel’s page on our website using this link. That way other members of our community browsing hotels in New Castle will be warned.

Just so you know, when you book with accessibleGO our team is here for you and calls the hotel to confirm your accessibility needs will be met, and advocates on your behalf if problems arise.

We really appreciate you writing about this, coming together as a community to share both good and bad experiences helps us improve accessible travel.

Thanks for the information

Rose O.

I feel your frustration and pain. I booked a room in Seattle in early Februsry for late May. My daughter and I were doing a cruise from FL to Seattle via the Panama Canal. We were planning on driving back across the country so we wanted to take a few days in Seattle to see the area before beginning our homeward trip. I specifically requested my handicapped room with roll in shower because due to multiple spinal and services issues I cannot climb over the side of a tub. About a month prior to the beginning of our 22 day cruise I called the hotel to reconfirm my handicapped room. We arrived at the Port and got to the hotel to find there were no handicapped rooms available. I was furious because why bother to book so far ahead and then have the hotel pay no attention to the fact someone has a confirmed request and they allow someone to stay over in a room they know has been previously booked. They had also booked us into a king room vs the reserved 2 queen bed room. We went out to see the city and when we returned the young man at the desk in an effort to appease the need of a shower vs a tub plus the need for 2 beds vs one bed put us into 2 separate rooms. Each room had its own king bed plus a shower vs a tub. Yes, I was able to walk into the shower but there were no grab bars so each time I showered I was nervous about the possibility of slipping or needing a bar to safely get in and out. Additionally the commode was not accessible and it is very hard on my spine to get up and down. I did not enjoy my stay in the city because I was uncomfortable in the room. I have had this happen a couple of times but usually it is for a one night stay but this one stuck in my mind because it was a multiple night stay. I also do not understand why so many handicapped rooms have bathtubs. They add multiple grab bars but that does nothing for my ability to get in/out of a tub. I have spoken to many of my friends who travel all of the time and those that are young and physically fit say they do not understand why hotels and models use bathtubs as they all just want a shower. I could understand maybe having a few family friendly rooms with tubs for those traveling with young children but everyone with whom I have spoken say they would prefer having a nice shower vs a tub/shower combo. This would also help with the accessibility issue. I know back in my work time I did a good bit of travel and I always took a shower; don’t know about y’all but I really don’t want to take a bath with 100’s of my not so close friends, otherwise known as the traveling public.

I’m sorry this happened to you and thank you for bravely sharing your experience

How awful. We are not getting respected! I’m sorry you had a similar experience

I should mention, my experience was a Marriott Bon Voy hotel.

Personally we have found the Marriot chain of hotels to be some of the worst at ADA accommodations. We depend on the pool lift to get swimming in and we find that it is usually rusted to the ground.

Good to know. I hope they see this or hear about it