Washington, DC - Scooter Rental at the Smithsonian

From a community member:

I have, on my “bucket list” the African American museum at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. I’m interested in renting a scooter or similar vehicle to help with moving about. Is there any such thing available in DC?

I just googled scooter rental in Washington DC and 3 shops popped up.
DC Scooter Rental 202.888.4859
Lenox Medical Supply 202.387.1960
E-Mile: The Electric Ride 702.919.0032

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Ylou can get a scooter from good old Scootaround.com or locally there is a company called Jessa Medical Supply in Gaithersburg, MD which is just outside of Washington, DC and is quite good in terms of customer service. They tend to rent monthly but that is often less expensive than the weekly rate from Scootaround.

Try ScootaRound. I currently use them for my scooter. They have been very attentive checking in with me once a week as I have a long-term rental due to my disability. Even took the scooter to Italy with me, unfortunately blew the power pack and they sent me another one while I was abroad. Ask for Berniece the supervisor, She knows what’s going on and he’s very efficient.

I visited the museum after it first opened, and my daughter was able to get a wheelchair when we checked in (at no cost). You might try contacting the museum to see if they still offer loaner wheelchairs for use in the facility.