We miss traveling but need new lightweight scooter to do so

My husband and I would really like to resume travel now that we are mostly post-Covid. In preparation for resuming travel, we bought a MAJESTIC IQ-7000 Remote Controlled Electric Wheelchair with the automatic folding option last June, and while it’s a really comfortable ride for my husband, I’m the one who has to get it in and out of the back of our SUV. And since it weighs 57 lbs. without the battery, I can’t lift it by myself. After trying several different options – trailer with ramp (too heavy for me to maneuver), then ramps (again, too heavy for me to maneuver), then I spent $1,100 for a Go-Lite Portable Mini Lift, but it is still cumbersome and difficult to get the collapsed wheelchair onto it because when the lift is fully collapsed, it is still 9 inches off the ground. My husband is unable to help me so it’s all up to me. I’m 72 and not very strong. So we made the decision recently to try to sell the wheelchair & lift and buy a lightweight scooter that comes apart into 4-5 sections with the heaviest section being no more than 30-34 lbs. That much I can lift by myself. We’ve identified a few models that fit the bill, but we must sell the wheelchair and lift, and try to get maximum dollar to put towards the scooter. I’ve looked at Facebook Marketplace, but I doubt we’ll get anything close to what they are worth. Is there not a good aftermarket for these items? I just don’t know where to turn. I’d love some advice from you knowledgeable folks on this forum.

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Do you have a local medical supply store they might have a repurchase puritan. you might also try offer up, which is similar to Facebook Market place. good luck!


Your local Mobility Store may buy them, especially if in really good shape. Do you have a Mobility City near you? www.mobilitycity.com may be able to assist you. Otherwise it is a hard market unfortunately.

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You might try a conversion place. I hsd a kuft added to the back of my minibsn and it was easy to operate. The chair rolled right up on the lift (I put it in neutral to do that) tyen was attached to lift with straps and lift went up and then inside with the push of a button. The back seats in the van had been flattened and no h9les were made anywhere inside the van. I used a heavy duty outdoir extension cord and plugged it into the outside outlet on ny house next to my driveway. I wiukd cgsrge ut at nightcabd with that cord I was able to shut and lock my rear van door without interrupting the charging…
If you want to sell your equipment try a conversion company. I ended up buying a used conversion van and I noticed they had a chair there every now and then. Look up sellers of such equipment and see if they have a trade in program. When I was hunting for ootions for my chsir and my inability to get ibto my driver’s seat I ended up st tjis c9nversion company because they didcorher adsit7ve equipment as well. Not sure where you are located but if or near the Carolinas reach out and I will give you info

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I just purchased a Golden Technology Buzz Around EX 4 wheel scooter that I love and it dissembles into 5 pieces(2 pieces are the 2 batteries, which leaves the largest piece weighing 53 lbs). While my husband felt he could lift that with no problem, it turns out that the cumbersome nature of the piece, not the weight is more of an issue. He is 75. So, we are purchasing a Bruno lift as it will level itself out on the ground so anyone can simply steer the scooter or any wheelchair right onto the lift. Once on it raises the item automatically and locks itself for security and theft protection. It can also swing away if need be to access the back of an SUV etc. We have a relative using one as well and loves it. For now we are still lifting which means we will put off going. We are looking forward to having the new or refurbished Bruno lift installed soon. :blush: (previously owned is around $1k) P.S. where are you located. We may have someone who can help. We are in Tampa

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I can appreciate your problems with lifting. Even my scooter which breaks down still has a heavy part which is difficult for me. I have a Go-Go Endurance Li. The heaviest part is the base which I think is about 35 lb. The lithium battery only weighs 9 lb which is wonderful. Have you considered renting one when you get to where you’re going? That has worked for us, but I don’t know about how you would get your husband to your destination without a wheelchair. I hope it works out for you.

Susan Atlas
Stay safe and stay well.

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Have you thought of putting the attachment on the back of your car where he can just roll on it with his scooter. I know they’re not great in all types of weather but they are very convenient.

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Some senior centers may get them

Where are you located?

We have a Bruno for my husband’s manual wheelchair. I love it. If there is a sharp landing to the road the lift usually scrapes. I’m able to do most of the adjustments myself.


The scooter folds up and can fit into any car.

The heaviest part is less than 25 lbs, The seat assembly is less than 5 lbs, and the battery is 4 lbs.

I have one of these and it is fantastic. Lightweight, compact, and very well made.

It’s a little expensive, but it is by far the best solution for people who need a lightweight scooter. It is also great for Air Travel.

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I live in the Central Valley of California. There is a company which sells converted vehicles and wheelchairs. they also take used equipment, wheelchairs, vehicles, lifts and sells them for a consignment fee for you. I would look in your area to see if there is a similar type of company. Many of the large companies that sell modified vehicles and wheelchairs will offer this service as well. If they don’t they probably know who would. Also look to see if you have an Independent Living Center near you. They would have more information about resources in your area. I would also look to see if maybe there was a different type of lift/hoyst system that would work better for you and your husbands chair. It could be that the chair just needs to be fitted with the correct hoisting straps for what you already have in your vehicle. Take a picture of the serial and model number of the wheelchair. then go to one of the mobility centers near you with the your vehicle and ask them what can be done.

Good luck!

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I’ve had a Travelscoot for 13 years. It is as light as you say, and sturdy enough to withstand airline baggage handling. When I travel by air I ride it up to the side of the plane and they gate check it with the strollers. Any car that has room for a suitcase will have room for a Travelscoot. We got another one for my 95 year old mother-in-law. I used to be able to easily put both of them in my Buick sedan.

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I am 75 years young but have had severe weakness in my legs for the past 7 years. I thought about all of the options you mentioned, but I would recommend against a scooter that you will want/need to take apart. I couldn’t really afford it, but I bit the bullet and bought a scooter (it can be disassembled if need be) and hydraulic lift for my car. I am alone so I need to be able to do everything for myself. You may need and be able to handle things for your husband today, but what if you hurt your back or something and can’t tomorrow?

I have to travel about 100 miles each way for my doctor visits and then when I get there the office is a good distance into the building. I don’t want my kids to have to take me so I needed equipment which I can manage for myself. I have had the scooter and hydraulic lift for about a year and find it ideal. It is also airline approved. When I fly I can drive it right up to the plane. They then load it on the plane without disassembling and bring it to me when we arrive at our destination.

Please look around and be sure before you spend more money and get something that may not meet your needs in the future.

Possibly the place you buy the new equipment will make a trade.

Marlene Almaroad (MarleneA@charter.net) if you have more questions.

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I designed and built a sliding tray for the back of our SUV, which drops down to allow easier loading and unloading of my powered folding wheelchair. I filmed a video of it, but don’t know how to post it to the forum.

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How much was lift? Did you try ramps?

Can you email it to me? mikegmcgraw@gmail.com

Which model do you have? They look kind of flimsy. Think they would work for a 245 lb person?

If you are asking about the TravelScoot, I have the Escape model. The Escape is rated for 450 lbs. Because I travel to Europe a couple of times a year, I bought it with the smallest battery and a spare. (The 151 Watt Hour batteries) I get around 7 miles from each battery. The bigger battery should get twice that. I weigh 155 lbs.

If you use it anywhere other than smooth paved surfaces, you may want to consider getting the spring shock absorber for the seat.

They may look a little flimsy, but they are not. They are made from aluminum tubing and Aluminum plate. Everything is MIG welded together. The canvas storage basket is sturdier then it looks, it can hold quite a bit of weight. A slight downside of this scooter is that it does not have a key lock because it is so light that you can pick it up and carry it away anyways. I use a bike lock to lock it up when necessary, either by locking it to something or by running the cable thru the front wheel and through the rear wheel brackets to immobilize it.

For secure storage, I use a PacSafe backpack and lock it closed with a small padlock. The PacSafe backpacks lock securely and they are lined with a stainless steel mesh to make them cut proof. I lock the backpack to the scooter with this lock: Anti-theft Lock | Retractasafe 250 in Grey by Pacsafe - Pacsafe – Official North America Store.

I use it in theme parks, cities, shopping centers, museums, etc. It is fairly narrow and compact, and will steer a 360 within its length, so it is pretty easy to maneuver in tight places.


Thank you so much!!