What booking a hotel on this site?



I was wondering are all rooms that are found through the hotel booking option only accessible rooms or are they just regular rooms found by priceline?


Hopefully they are ONLY accessible.

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Thank you for this question. So we are working towards only offering guaranteed accessible rooms. But in the meantime, you are correct, we are offering Priceline’s inventory which will sometimes indicate when a room is accessible.

However, on our end, what we are doing is adding to our booking engine the hotel’s accessibility features and we combine this with our user reviews, to give our community as much information as possible. Our research has been largely focused on the top 30 cities in the USA as we are a new company and we are adding more data all the time.

When you book with us, we then call the hotel to convey your accessibility requests to confirm your needs will be met. We are also happy to call hotels to check before you book, since this helps us gather more data, you can email us at contact@accessibleGO.com

Many thanks!

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In most xases they are regular rooms, but in the box for comments or instructions you can request an accessible room and they will do it for you.

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They are just regular rooms. If you scroll thru and look you will find an option for accessible rooms

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