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What to do when no accessible family/stand alone restrooms?

From a member of our community:

When traveling, I sometimes need assistance in the restroom. My husband is my “aide”. When there are no Family/stand alone Accessible facilities available what do others do?

I have the same issue, what we usually do is we look for the cleaning personnel and let them know that he is my aid. Usually the clear the bathroom so we can use it. Most of the people understand and are happy to help. If there’s no personnel at sight my husband open the door and announce that we need to come in and a man is coming in to assist me. We never had any problems. Hope this help

That is usually what we do, but 1 time a security guard stopped us on the way out and she told us that he could not enter the the ladies room. For the rest of the trip, any time I needed assistance we had to find the security guard and have an escort. It was such a pain.

Don’t know if this answer will help, but I’m a frequent traveller, and always bring along same gender “assistance”, so that’s never been an issue. I’m an advocate for group travel, this issue one of the many reasons to consider group traveling.

One solution is to ask if there is a restroom for staff use. Restaurants and some facilities who don’t want staff mixing with guests will have another restroom.