What to do with manual chair post-cruise embarkation?


I’m going on a cruise soon and need to bring my folding wheelchair for the airport. I am renting a power scooter from the cruise line. What do I do with my wheelchair once I get the scooter? Will they store it?


Unless you have a suite, you’re not going to be able to get your power scooter inside your room. Most people leave them just outside their door. I would send an email to customer service asking about personal wheelchair storage. You are not the first person to have this issue. If you do have a suite, I suspect there is room for your manual chair. In my experience however is limited, by only having to sailed on CCL and Disney. On the Disney there probably is storage for your manual chair at the pursers office.


I frequently cruise and have always been able to accommodate my scooter inside my stateroom even when I did not have a suite. The company with whom I dealt regarding renting the power scooter delivered it to the stateroom and also picked it up from the stateroom. There was also an option to pick it up prior to entering the port and returning it after exiting port but I always use my walker to board and disembark the ship. I do not know the answer as to storing your wheelchair as I have not had that issue but I am sure the cruise line will be glad to answer that question for you.


I have an ADA room when I cruise(scooter and wheelchair fit within room) Not often allowed to leave scooter in stairwell or halls must be in cabin or with guest service. I have found scooters don often fit thru regular cabin doors. I use wheelchair in room and scooter to cover the ship.