Wheelchair accessible taxi service for Kissimmee, Fl?


Posting on behalf of community member Lorraine,

"For my niece, please Is there a taxi service in Kissimmee, Florida that transports an adult in an electric wheel chair? Her van is not available and she needs to do errands. "


you need to call around… we had a major issue when we went to Florida the so called wheelchair van we got from the airport was not a real one…the driver had no clue on how to secure hubby. If she is staying at a hotel ask them — We did and the staff at the hotel may sure it was a legit wheelchair taxi


In my community in rural Georgia, the Counsil on Aging has a van that takes elders to appointments, shopping one day a week, etc. It has a wheelchair lift, etc. They (in middle of nowhere Georgia) will also pickup and provide services to differently abled folks too. It is not intuitive to mentally go, I think I will call The Council on Aging…but it might be a resource. Worst thing they can say is NO.

Good luck.


Hi Miriam! There are lots. Have you tried a google search? Here’s what I searched for. Just click here. This one looks very nice but it also looks expensive… Comfort Ride Transportation. There are lots of other options on the google page linked above. Hope this helped!