Wheelchair lifts Garaventa

So about a year ago we had a Garaventa wheelchair lift installed, which replaced the one that was here since 1960. The old lift was relatively trouble free given its age, the Garaventa lift however is a constant headache. About every 3 or 4 trips up and down on it, the lift malfunctions and requires service. If your considering purchasing a lift I would stay away from Garaventa. Their sales department seriously was only interested in a sale, not building a trouble free way to get from upstairs to downstairs.

I’d like to know any other information about wheelchair lifts as we’re considering one for a new home with outside steps. Any feedback on the inexpensive ones?

Stay safe and stay well.

We shopped around a bit and had a few estimates. Our lift is indoors. They are ALL expensive but look at the weight of the chair and person combined. We wanted the industrial one Im at 580 w a 431lb chair, we werent able to get the industrial one and they would only install a residential one 550lb max, but swore it had enough of a buffer in build quality to work. Unfortunately the weight isnt the issue. After having issues we did even more research and found many complaints about Garaventa and breakdown issues. I think the outdoor lifts are more heavily built though. Make sure and do a lot of research beforehand