Wheelchair Tables

From a community member:

I hope to travel again next year after all this covid and was thinking of a question.

Wheelchair Tables:

All I have seen are for at-home use, BUT wonder if anyone thought of manufacturing one out of Plastic/Perspex that is unbreakable but folds in half to fit into a travel hold all and is light enough not to add any significant weight.

I travel with a tour company but have had the embarrassment of dropping my Breakfast Plate on the floor in front of my new fellow passengers as being a one leg amputee with no right leg, hip or pelvis balancing a plate to the table is a disaster. I would love to be able to take a tray on tour so i can use it as and when and wondered if that was possible.

Just a thought from a frustrated 81-year-old wheelchair traveler.

Good morning from Florida. Not sure this will work for you but it can hook to a wheelchair and give you a place to put a plate and drink. Do a google search for this product by name and manufacturer. Hope this helps. Enjoy traveling.

Kamp-Rite Redi-Tray, Gray

Look on Amazon.com under wheelchair trays, there are several styles.

I have exactly the same situation. The tray table that works for me is on Amazon from Mavo Craft Store: Folding Lapdesk