Wheelchair taxis in Bangkok

I will be flying to Bangkok soon.
Are wheelchair taxis available at the airport for travel to the city.

I never seen accessible taxis in Bangkok or in anyother South East Asia town.
There are available accessible vans with driver but they are not taxi.
They must be booked in advance.
You can find more information and book on accessibleasia.com

I use an electric wheelchair. I have been to Bali a number of times in my chair and always used accessible taxis.
Same in Singapore which is the most w/c friendly city in Asia. Brilliant including on their trains.
Hong Kong is also pretty good.
China is poor as is Vietnam. Bad experiences in both.
All Australian Capital cities are very good even on public transport eg buses and trains.

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The definition of a taxi is a car that you can use by stopping at the street, taking it to a taxi station or calling a dedicated phone number and having a meter.
In Bangkok there are no taxis with these characteristics.
But there are accessible vans with drivers that must be booked in advance.

I lived in Vietnam for 15 years and not only there aren’t accessible taxis but also no accessible vans.
In China there were vans accessible as a result of the 2008 Paralympic Games but they disappeared afterwards and now finding accessible vans is somewhat difficult.
Bali is the only location in Indonesia where there are accessible vans but must be booked in advance.
Singapore and Hong Kong due to their history and past of British territories are exceptions. even if in any case they must be booked in advance.

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