Where to buy wheelchair leg rests?


From a member of our community:

Do you know where I can buy leg rests for my wheelchair? Thank you, need them bad.


It all depends on how fast you need them. They are available at most Walgreens but if you can wait a few days or have Amazon Prime, here’s a list with better prices. https://goo.gl/FEiX6k

Link will open a search showing different versions at Amazon.com

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Continuing on this subject, my doctor has given me a prescription for a scooter/electric wheelchair. I have Medicare and Medicade. How do I go about getting a scooter?


I have a child in the wheelchair she’s been service threw National Seating Mobility


Because we have regular health insurance and I have Medicare it’s a long and drawn out process. There’s a special form the doctor has to fill out and say I can’t even get from room to room in the house without needing aid and a walker will not help. I thought about it for a while and decided I’ll just wait before the doctor says I’m pretty much confined to a chair. Sorry, this doesn’t help Adanel. I know there are chair companies online that will call your doctor and get them to fill out the forms and then call you when they have it all set up. Another option is purchasing one outright and turning it in to the insurance company. Amazon has a nice selection of power scooters.

Here’s the PDF from Medicare telling you what you need for Medicare to pay. I’m betting it’s the same for private insurance. Hope this helps. ------> Click here for pdf from Medicare. (optional link https://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/11046-Medicare-Wheelchair-Scooter.pdf)



It is quite simple for you. Just call HooverRound and they will take care if everything. You won’t havd to pay a dime for it