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Where to travel?

From a member of our community:

The last week in August I would would like to take a great week long vacation for my 60th birthday. I have M.S. I am in a scooter, my sister in law has offered to travel with me to help. We live in Wisconsin, probably our starting point. I also own a home in Scottsdale Arizona, which could be a starting point. I own a mobility van and scooter and walker in both places. I would like a luxury vacation. We first thought of Montana, but I was told it is very hard to get tickets or passes to the best sights, also it didn’t seem to have the best accommodations. California seems to have many wonderful sights, however, the covid issues seem to make it quite limited. We are very open to suggestions. We both would like to go somewhere that has many things to do and see. We would like to travel around for the week, seeing and doing as much as possible. Again its not about the money, I am looking for luxury and to spoil myself for my 60th birthday. Please if there is a place or adventure you can recommend I would greatly appreciate it.

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Ritz Carlton in Half Moon bay California is Epic!! Pretty much everything is open. There are some beaches with accessible beach wheel chairs. Easy trip in to either San Francisco or Santa Cruz/ Capitola or both!!! So many wonderful things to see and do.:sunflower:

I live in San Francisco and people are still wearing masks all the time in my neighborhood. If you stay away from the really touristy area you will be fine. But Sonoma, One block from town square you will find,
Bungalows 313 , so beautiful and handicapped accessible. So much to do. Wine tasting, day trip to Bodega bay, day trip to San Francisco , plus so much more.

Alaska, much to see and do. in a wheelchair and been there several times.

need to check in with places to see before going about accessibility.

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You might want to consider coming east. New England has some of the best vaccination rates in the country, and many great things to see and do, even from a scooter. Coming east through the Great Lakes are would be great. Madison, WI has great scenery around the University. Beautiful scenery, Niagra Falls, Tornado if Canada opens up, also Montreal. In NH, the white mountains are great. There are van rides up Mount Washington. Not sure if they can handle a scooter, but worth asking. Very close to the siteseeing overlook (maybe 150 feet). My idea of close is not what able bodied people say.
Vermont is lovely. The Green Mountains. The Maine Coast is gorgeous. Also fresh lobster right off the boat. Restaurants on the wharf, not fancy, best and not so pricy.
Massachusetts has tons of historical sites as well as many other sites, and restaurants… The Berkshires are nice, smaller mountains. Stockbridge is cute, but I don’t think you can get into Alice’s Restaurant. Nice to drive through the area. Tanglewood is a famous outdoor concert hall. I think there are no steps.
Boston can be challenging in old buildings but they’ve made efforts. Curb cuts everywhere.Many theaters and concerts. We went to see Hamilton - no elevators.:frowning:Maybe the orchestra is possible. Check before buying tickets at all thesters, as they’re very expensive. Generally there are parking lots nearby. A couple of blocks, not very close. Check first if you want to take public transportation. The T (i.e. subway) is partially accessible. Not sure about buses.
Worcester is a smaller city, much better for driving and parking! There are excellent museums and restaurants, as well as a couple of theaters and sports events.
Salem is fun to visit. The Witch Museum is accessible, I think, as I remember ramps. They have tours of older sites. Even if you can’t get in, the history and information from the guides are worth doing.
Cape Cod, of course. Go on the weekend days, as weekend traffic can be awful in the summer. Ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard it- unsure of accessibility. There’s a foot ferry from Boston to Provincetown, which is flat but old buildings… Lots of fun shopping.
There’s a good website called Only in Your State that has tons of resources. Wherever you go, have a wonderful vacation and birthday!

Have you thought about taking a cruise? The great thing is you unpack and pack once, they take you to different places and all meals are included.

We spent time in Santa Barbara recently and found two wonderful locations. The first is the Hilton Beachfront Resort and the second is the Ritz Carlton Santa Barbara. The second is a step of luxury above the first but the first is a step of convenience in location and accessibility to beaches than the first.

Many locations in California now offer beach wheelchairs so wherever you go, I would suggest googling it and making arrangements well in advance. It is not that the chairs are in such demand but sometimes it is just the opposite and you have to find the right person to access them. Santa Barbara city government have both a manual and a motorized beech wheelchair.

Have fun

Happy early 60th birthday!
A beautiful area of the country is the Columbia River Gorge between Oregon/Washington States. There is a resort called Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington which is lovely. There is so much to see and do here and in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area.
From Stevenson, I would recommend Sternwheeler cruise in the Columbia river, touring the waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge, wineries in Hood River?s Fruit Loop, dining at a restaurant called Clark and Lewie?s in Stevenson WA, along the Columbia. Beautiful views of wind surfers on the river there. From that restaurant, you should take a stroll/roll along the Riverwalk and onto the pier that juts out into the river. It?s fabulous!
Stevenson is a very small town and the resort Azuri pastoral setting. It one hour drive West back into Portland Oregon provides many other things to do. I recommend
Rose garden and Japanese garden in Washington Park Portland
The grotto in Portland
Fort Vancouver in Vancouver across the river from Portland
I hope this helps!

I just came back from the Chatham Bars Inn at Cape Cod. I had a cottage that met my needs. I use a scooter. A shower chair lower bed and plenty of room. The pool is a zero entry pool so I used my walker to walk in. Then a friend removed it. I had a cabana with a mini frig attentive staff that will make every dream come true. I was able to take their little wooden boardwalk down to the beach. You can enjoy a New England Clam bake there or try one of the other resturaunts in the inn. They have a fleet of Lexus that will drive you anywhere. To the pool, in town, anywhere. They cater to every need.

Lots of cruise ships leaving to Alaska from Seattle through the end of August.

It’s kind of late to be booking trips into the national parks in the west. Hundreds of thousands of other people had the same idea so everything is very full. Book now for next year.
Forest fires and the smoke is a big hazard right now too.

You should come to eastern Oregon and lots of history of THE OREGON TRAIL to here in HEPPNER Oregon.