Which airline seats recline the most

Hi I need advice or contact information for getting a quad from the pnw to san diego so he can see his son get married. He is not on oxygen however he cant breathe well when he is not laying down. Can any airline accomodate for this? I have looked at driving but he does not think he can do a road trip of that length. I am open to any suggestions and have 1 yr to put this together. Thank you.

Don’t know what your financial or time limit is, but…train might work I think. They have handicap rooms on lower level, beds, sink, shower, toilet all in the room. I have found they are very accommodating, understanding and gentle when boarding and getting off train. Will gladly server your meals in your room .ect.

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HI Sanhwa,

As far as I know the chairs on most commercial airlines have limited reclining. The only thing I can think of is to call special help lines that can help disabled passengers and see if they can accommodate in some way. I would also look into first class seats, they may recline back a little further than the average seats. Of course that will cost a lot more though. Also, (and looks like it was mentioned) I would look into train trips although it may take a little longer you can get a sleeper for him to lay down. Just a few suggestions.

Business class seats also recline quite a bit… but they are also more expensive…

This might be a stretch, but could you get 3 seats together on a plane, where he can lay down across the seats? It might be cheaper than business or first class, and could work?

Love the train idea!!

Hi Sanhwa; I’m Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum moderators :crystal_ball:. I saw your post about planning the special trip to San Diego for the wedding and wanted to see if I can be of any help, along with all these fantastic suggestions from our other Forum members? I am struggling though to figure out what "pnw" is for a starting location. Unfortunately, I could not find that airport code to see if my advice would work for you.

I recently learned about JetBlue’s Mint Class service when flying from the Northeast to the Caribbean and immediately fell in love when they introduced me to my own private flying pod with a lie-flat bed and a privacy wall to give you some private space on the plane. What was even better? The fact it was 1/4 of the price of most other airlines First Class cabins and got a much better seat too (let alone the food was delicious). I checked on their website and they do have Mint service to San Diego; just wasn’t sure if any of the departure cities works for you?

Plus… I went to check what other domestic airlines have Flat-back seating now and got you a few places to look at (just keep in mind they usually reserve those flights for coastal trips; but not always.
JetBlue - Mint Service

United - Polaris Class (Flat-back Business seats; first class also available)

American - Flagship (Business or First)

Delta - One Chair

I hope this is a little helpful.

Let me know if you need me to check anything specific with an airline for a route and would be happy to check for you.

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Oh my gosh, yes, this might work perfectly! We have narrowed it down to flight is the best option so now we need to find something that will accommodate our needs. That has proven to be a challenge. PNW is Pacific Northwest (Washington Oregon area)-sorry about the shorthand. How do I get more information (especially contact information) on these services? I called a few airline booking numbers and no one was able to provide any information. Thank you so much for reaching out. If you have other suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

I reviewed the suggestion above but unfortunately they appear to be international. Do you know if options like these exist for a Seattle to San Diego or close by?

Hi, yes, trains were considered but not favored for several reasons. We may need to revisit that though as no luck on finding a plane that can accommodate.

Hi Sanhwa; Pinky again. :fairy: My apologies in delay responding but had some homework to do for you before writing back. I had a fear about the airline issue because most only seemed to use their planes with the flat-back seating for international or coast-to-coast trips. I went to the website for the San Diego airport and checked every single airline that flies from the PNW into San Diego, to see if maybe… just maybe, one of them used a larger plane with the seats?

Unfortunately, the only airline I could even find that flew non-stop, first class to San Diego from Seattle or Portland; was Delta Airlines. So, I checked a handful of the routes to see what planes they used and which seats they used for their Delta One class; and both the 737-800 and Airbus 320 they use, have the same chair and does not go flat. (Does recline a bit more and has more legroom in front.

However, our other moderator Emily’s suggestion about just booking a full row of coach seats might end up being more affordable and actually get you a flatter section at least. Or at least legs stretched out and propped up on side of plane wall (Defiantly bring a thick bed pillow with you if you try this; there’s always a gap between wall and last seat rest; which you will also want to pad over with the pillow.) It’s not the greatest idea, but unless you have some time to travel, this may be the best option.

Now I wasn’t going to leave you totally empty handed, so I did explore the Amtrak option for you. They have two different routes from the Northwest to San Diego. They both stop “Everywhere” along the West coast and can take up to two days on each; and both have Sleeper Bedrooms (larger)

and Roomette’s (basically a bunk-bed room)

. You’re going to want the route that online has “2 Segments” because it offers the room from Seattle/Portland to Los Angeles. Then you have to take different train to San Diego which does not have rooms but is only a 2-hour section of the trip.

Sounds like a fantastic way to see the coastline if you have never been able to do the trip and not have to focus on the road? Just plan the extra travel time to your travel schedule.

It looks like they even have Accessible cabins available; but I am not seeing how to book those online. I would make direct contact with Amtrack Accessible services with your specific travel dates to double check if the accessible cabins are available. I did notice they allow those cabins to be rented to anyone riding Amtrak, 14 days before departure dates; so, I would check sooner than later. Plus, they may only have a couple or 1?

Sorry, this is turning out to be crazy for planning. The only other thing I could come up with is, would you be willing to drive down if I could find you a luxury van or small accessible RV for rent? (No promises on that without knowing what area you’re in more specifically; they aren’t in every city).

I will keep brainstorming on this one. There has to be solution that will work to get him to that wedding.
Hang in there, we will come up with something.

Pinku :fairy:

Both my husband and I were flight attendants for over 40 years. Most airline seats recline about 2". Even in First Class or Business Class unless you are fully reclined which is doubtful that type of aircraft would fly between the cities you are traveling, Domestic seats may recline 4". Your best bet would be to find an air ambulance. There are very rare instances where a commercial carrier can accommodate you. Some of these alternate travel options sound wonderful!

I reached out to my friend who is with Delta and she check around and there are non of the major airlines have or allow someone to lay flat.
Check Wheels Up, they are a private charter group. Also check for private aircraft doing a deadhead hop. SD and Seattle are both major points, you might get lucky.