Why can’t I use Filters?

Hi, I’m Ann. Just joined. Why can’t I get filters to work on a hotel/motel search? My husband is a full time wheelchair user & I need to be able to add filters such as the bed height but it won’t let me click any of the boxes?

Hi Ann,

Emily here from accessibleGO. We’re sorry you are experiencing that issue. We are looking into this ASAP, and will circle back with you. More to come!

Hi Anne:

A couple of comments, I hope will be helpful to you and your husband. I’m a full-time wheelchair user and extensive traveler.

(I’ve never booked a hotel room on this site so I’m not sure if you have the option of bed height …).

Hotels, there is no ADA requirement on maximum bed height (why not?)! So this is always a challenge for me.

I book hotel rooms with major chains such as Hilton and Marriott and Holiday Inn. Directly on the hotel websites you should see a choice for accessible rooms but be cautious, often that simply means a tub with grab bars in the bathroom. It does NOT address bed height.

Always ask pointedly of the front desk, “can you confirm with certainty that the bathroom has a roll in shower“ as many hotels consider an “accessible room“ to be a bathroom with simply grab bars in the bathtub, and no other disability accommodations within the room or the bathroom. If they don’t sound like they know, or they understand the difference between accessible and roll in shower and lower bed then you need to be clear with them as to your needs.

As for bed Height I’ve only found one hotel out of perhaps 100 where the bed Height was wheelchair friendly (approximately 20 inches to 21 inches off the floor). All of the others are 36 to 48 inches off the floor which makes it impossible to transfer from wheelchair to the bed.

What I do is after I book an accessible room, I call the hotel directly and asked to speak to the front desk manager or an assistant manager and I ask specifically the question “in the accessible room I have reserved what is the shower configuration (I must have a roll in shower with no curb or step, no bathtub) And I will need the bed lowered prior to my arrival so that off the floor the top of the mattress is 20 inches to 21 inches approximately.

In all my travels in all these years I’ve never had a refusal to lower the bed. I ask them simply to remove the metal frame on wheels, or if that’s not possible the boxspring (which is not as comfortable as simply removing the metal frame on wheels). After removal of the metal frame the beds are almost always 20 inches to 21 inches off the floor, perfect!

Caution, if you arrive late in the evening or sometimes on a Sunday, or at smaller or budget priced hotels especially, there is no engineering staff on duty to lower the bed if it’s not done in advance. Hence, I call the day before to remind them, and I call the day I’m checking in prior to my flight departure as well to make the request.

I hope you find this additional information, my “method“ helpful! Don’t let the bed height problem deter your travels!

Best regards,

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Hi Ann - Patch from accessibleGO here. Thank you for posting about this.

We have gathered accessibility data on over 6,000 hotels in over 160 cities across the USA. We are rapidly covering new cities every week.

It is possible that for the city you searched, based on the availability for the dates you selected that we haven’t collected the data yet or there isn’t a hotel with that feature available at this time. (Please note that filters won’t be clickable if the box is grayed out and has a counter of (0) to the right.)

Feel free to email us here via contact@accessibleGO.com regarding the features you are looking for (city, dates, accessibility features) and we will gladly help you to get the information you need.