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Pop in to your camera roll and find that picture of your favorite accessible adventure. Maybe it’s a photo of a flower along the roadside, perhaps it’s a mountain reflected in a lake. Maybe it’s you and a friend posing in power scooters in front of a fountain at Disney World, or “just a selfie” with a book and a coffee in your favorite city. No matter where you are, or what the photo is of, we love when the accessibleGO community celebrates the joy of traveling for all abilities.

That’s why we’re inviting you to share your favorite travel photo!

Simply reply to this Forum thread with your photo and a short caption, and you’ll automatically be entered to win one of three gift cards!

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See the giveaway rules here. One entry per person per household. Contest ends on May 27, 2022. Winners randomly selected. Win one $100 Visa™gift card (grand prize), or one of two $50 Visa™ gift cards.




Power Scooting around Las Vegas with my dad

My husband and I at Myrtle Beach at the aquarium

View riverside in Nashville

Daughter (Autism) at a small historic town. Posing in front of a very old comvience store. Love the happiness!

We had a great vacation in Monterey, CA. We registered with Monterey-Salinas Transit for a ParaTransit visitor pass, and they took us wherever we needed to go in the County. It was great! The Monterey Bay Aquarium is very accessible. Our favorite activity was Monterey Eco Tours boat ride on Elkhorn Slough. We saw many otters, seals and sea lions, pelicans and other birds. It was beautiful! The boat is easy to access with plenty of space for a large power chair.

Hanging out on the dock bridge on my favorite island in Florida :heart:

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Sometimes MJ (our version of the traveling gnome) needs to stop for nourishment :heart:
Nebraska was just a stopover on our way to Colorado.

Mommy pushing me up a steep hill in my running wheelchair. Thank God for my moms legs since I can’t use my own


One of the Hawaiian goddesses.

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Dinner on the beach in Cancun Mexico. It was AMAZING!!!


I love this pic, which was taken on the way to Waimea Falls in Oahu. Using a scooter made this beautiful site accessible.

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Cruising proved to be accessible and fun!


Hanging out with some friends at the Knysna Elephant Park, South Africa.


Multanomah falls in Oregon completely handicap accessible along the Lewis and Clark trail and tourist area

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Scuba diving in Honduras with son , fiancé , niece and two dive and instructors

Mom and I on vacation in Ocean City rocking our scooters!