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Let’s go for a trip down memory lane and inspire others with your stories of travel for all abilities.

Think back to a Thanksgiving where you traveled to see family or friends. Did you wake up before the sun to beat the rush to the airport, to end up taking a selfie sipping coffee in a mostly-empty terminal? Did you snap a photo of a green-and-blue blur as the landscape flew by on the train? Did someone snap a picture of your smile when your nephew couldn’t wait to show you his turkey-printed mask just as you arrived? Do you have a shot of your uncle falling asleep in front of the TV after a second round of leftovers? Reminisce in the joy that travel can bring and share your favorite Thanksgiving travel memory with the community!

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In 2008, I retired from a 25 plus year career as an Industrial Arts teacher in the New York Public Schools. It was an active, strenuous job for for an AKA amputee. We started our retirement as working artists with many trips, adventures & journeys to the Grand Canyon & a mule ride to the bottom of the canyon & stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch. I recommend this trip if you can manage it. Exhausting & exhilarating. This is a photo of me with my mule Abel. Since then we have been to London & Barcelona. Several trips to the Caribbean & multiple adventures in the USA. It has not always gone smoothly but what journey is? Happy adventures my friends. The world is waiting for you.

In 2018, we had our first appt at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, we went twice that year, and have had to go back every September since then. My husband can’t always take vacation time, so we just make the trip in 3 days, which is very difficult!

In 2019, our doctor rescheduled and we spent a whole week exploring northern Minnesota in November. It was cold most days, and we even saw some snow, but I love that he is always willing to turn something like medical testing into a wonderful, love-filled memory! This was my first trip in my power wheelchair, and the first time I realized how cold it can be to just be sitting, while he is hiking. Sometimes I am bundled in blankets, and he is just wearing a sweater, but I am thankful for our travels together! We recently celebrated our 32nd anniversary and are still going strong. :purple_heart:

I retired from a 17 year career as a Dental Technician, since then I was not able to travel having MS. I raised my two beautiful daughters as a single mom & now there both married with 4 grandchildren.

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In 2009 my mom was diagnosed with leukemia. It was devastating to the both of us since we only had each other and neither one of us wanted to part. Ma was not doing well physically and ended up in a wheelchair for the remainder of her short life. Anyways we wanted to do something that we could do that really she could do in a wheelchair. So we decided to take a cruise. Even though she was sick, Ma kept a brave face throughout the week and went everywhere we could that a wheelchair could go. We had a blast all over the ship, and even on the ports. Everyone who worked on the ship were very gracious and kind to Ma, and to me as well when I accidentally rammed my leg against a sharp flagpole and needed stitches. We, Ma and I, laughed our whole trip! It was if sometimes we forgot she was dying. I lost Ma only months later. The cancer took her in under a year. I never went on a cruise again till now (in the future really, I have to save up for the trip being on SSI).

It was a fabulous time and one I will never forget, especially now since I too am in a wheelchair now and cannot walk. I want to do the exact same cruise we went on because Norwegian was so kind before. I know they will be just as kind to me in a wheelchair. I can’t wait to see everything again.


That’s me, my husband and kiddos when we traveled to have Thanksgiving with my son and his wife :hearts:

This was the last family photo taken together and was for our Christmas Card Picture 2019 -it was

taken on Thanksgiving 2019 after my husband had quintuple bypass surgery and before he had a massive stroke and has been bedridden since March 2021 :turkey:

Lost my dad last year on the day after Thanksgiving due to covid and dementia. My mom 18 months prior. Dementia. My fondest memories where the family meeting over at the Columbus flea market in n j on Thanksgiving morning to start Christmas shopping. Having lunch at one of the amish food booths. Then everyone meeting back at my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. Friends who had no place to go for dinner where always invited. It was a great lasting tradition that is still carried on today.

In 2019 I spent my Thanksgiving in Vail, Colorado, what a beautiful moment in my life, what I would do to go back in time

This is me showing CH Improv I’m a Glamour Girl in Madison Wisconsin. I show Tibetan Spaniels and Cardigan Welsh Corgis in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, herding, barn hunt, fastcat and coursing, all from my wheelchair. I regularly have AKC top 5 and top 10 owner handled dogs for the year. I show around the midwest and occassionally in the south and east. Mostly I travel with a friend but sometimes by myself. I have a 1 ton cargo van I drive and sometimes pull our camper. Love it! Being a happy challenged person is a choice. Let’s make the most out of life!

My husband and I took a trip to Disneyland with my family. It rained for 2 days while we were there. It was a blast. We had so much fun rolling around with the park nearly empty. My husband is a C6 quad and with help we were able to get him on ever ride he wanted. I love how helpful and supportive my family members have been of my husband and I through this new stage in our lives. It’s a blessing to have other people around to help us when we need it.

Traveled from Alaska to Hawaii to be with my Son for Thanksgiving :heart::heart::heart:

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