Yellowstone National park

I am planning a vacation to Yellowstone next month with my wife and uncertified dog, can anyone suggest lodging for us. My disability has to do with my lack of balance.

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Yellowstone does have accessible cabins that you can have a pet in, but you cannot leave the dog in the room when you are sightseeing and you cannot take the dog on trails if you are going to walk the trails.

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I just caught your question and remembered that I just got all this information for someone very recently. I am including link to that info for you so you can take a look at the lodging options. Please don’t delay checking on availability; from what folks tell me, the lodging “in” the national park can sell out wayyyyyy ahead of time due to limited amount.

Any suggestions for an accessible trip to Yellowstone National Park?

Please let me know if you need any additional information and would be happy to help.

Have a great trip and make sure to come back and tell us all about it; especially how accessible everything is.

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When planning your trip be sure to check the latest information on national park site.

Due to recent summer rains both the northeast and north entrances are closed as the river washed roads out.

You can access the park other entrances and travel the main figure eight roadway of the park. All northern campgrounds and cabins are closed for the season.

Safe travels as this park is always amazing anytime of year to visit. Fall leaves are beautiful in the full color change.


Hi Timmeise,
I just wanted to take a second to Welcome you to the Forum and thank you for that amazing advice on the entrances of the park. Totally slipped my brain about the weather issues they had been having, but I also would have never thought about the gate problems, so I sincerely appreciate your tips

Do you happen to know how busy the lodging is during the fall in Yellowstone? All these questions about the place has me adding the park to my bucket list (thanks everyone…lol).

We look forward to hearing from you again on the Forum and always appreciate any knowledge you can help share with the Forum Community.

Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend,
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Early summer May and June have the best waterfall action as the snow caps are melting. October weather is still great and tourists are gone back to work and school.
Many of the lodges inside the park are closing end of September but outside the park are still open.

June to September truly is peak visitation time for hoards of people.