Yosemite National Park

Hi everyone, I would love to visit Yosemite and was wondering how accessible it is. I can walk very short distances (usually around my house) in level ground, anything else I need a power wheelchair. Any information would be appreciated.

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I went with my power wheelchair and had no problem at all. Some hikes you are allowed to take your car almost all the way but i found it better just to roll. Have fun!

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You can do almost everything as most places have a paved or improved surface

You can get to about 80% of the park.

Do a deep dive on Google maps and earth to see what is what.

Please plan to spend a few days for your visit as the trip up to Glacial Point is 1.5hrs + up and a little quicker down. So at least 1/2 of your day is on that trip alone.
The valley is loaded with things to see and do, so don’t rush and enjoy

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Hey Kd5fto, It’s Pinky :fairy: again; your favorite neighborhood moderator again. Ok, so I am not going to lie to you and pretend I have any idea what its like to wheel around Yosemite. Still dying to visit though. Which reminded me of that great ADA accessible resort I read about recently and I wanted to share with you and the rest of the Forum in case they are also having the desire ro visit out there. It’s called the Tenaya Lodge and it has the cutest accessible cabins. Plus I heard they have wheelchairs for rent; but not sure if they are powerchairs?

Ok, that’s all I have. My apologies. But please come back and share how your trip went? I would love to hear how it’s like in a chair so I know what I am in store for.

Safe Journeys my Friends,
Pinky :fairy:

The Tenaya is lovely BUT outside the park …45 minute drive. If you go during high season season the line for cars to go in can be another 20 minutes. The inside the park lodges do have accessible,rooms but be sure to attempt booking 6-9 months ahead. Well worth the trip…